Spending New Years Eve with Travelgirl

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Hi Everyone,

After hosting our last Steem Monsters tournament for the year last night, it is time for some relaxing time! We decided not to go out to watch the fireworks because the weather in Sydney is too hot and stuff to be outdoors for an extended period of time. The weather forecast also mentioned rain and storm so I guess also it was a wise choice to stay indoors.

We just came back from a weekend away yesterday so still lots of washing to be done. We had loads of fun spending time at the resort pool, eating great food and play big 2 and mahjong which I haven’t touched since uni days. I probably became the biggest “water fish” the whole weekend. Oh well, I guess it was all for fun and everyone had a great time. More on that weekend trip later in another blog entry.


The view from our room at the resort

We are planning tonight to watch the fireworks at 9am with the kids on TV after dinner then try to stay awake for the countdown fireworks which Sydney is famous for each year. What are your plans for new years Eve?

Hope you all have a great time!

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!!


Travelgirl Received the Haagen-Dazs Limited Edition Innisfree Special Pack for Christmas!! *screams!!*


HI Everyone,

I have received many cool presents over this Christmas but one of them needs a seperate post because when I opened it, I literally screamed with joy! I received the Haagen-Dazs Limited Edition Innisfree Special Pack from a really good friend. Innisfree is a Korean beauty brand which sells all sorts of great products.

This is not just a normal Innisfree gift pack, it includes a special edition Haagen-Dazs ice cream morrow and the spatula. I love anything cute and my friend just knew what I wanted. The packaging was so cute. It came in two seperate boxes and both had the traditional Haagen-Dazs branding and it just feels special already.


Let’s open up the mirror first. The packaging looks like an ice cream packet and I’ve received the pink mirror. There are 3 different colours to choose from.

IMG_3960IMG_3961IMG_3962 (1)IMG_3963

Now to the actual skincare box. Super cute! Its got the ice cream printed box as well as the traditional Innisfree products in the gift box. Note the products are all full size. I haven’t opened the spatula yet but from what I can see in the advertisements, its super cute!

IMG_3959IMG_3966 2

Have you received anything cool this Christmas?

Enjoying Christmas Lunch with Family


Hi Everyone,

Merry Christmas! It’s super hot in Sydney today and we made sure the air condition is on full blast!

I hope you all have a lovely time and enjoy this holiday period because 2019 will be another busy year!

Today we were having a family Christmas lunch and exchanged presents. Like every year, there was too much food so we were able to take some away for dinner.

Did you get anything special this year?

christmas lunchIMG_3913

Travelgirl’s Christmas Special – Gifts from Amazing Chocolate Workshop

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Hi Everyone,

Christmas is coming up and buying gifts can be a bit of a headache for me since I have so many to buy and you try to make it a creative as possible. The hardest presents to buy in my opinion are for male friends as you know they don’t dress up like the ladies and already have the best and latest gadgets. So the other day, I came across this really cool store which I would like to share with you and in case you run out of ideas, this could be your backup!


Honestly, when you first look at the below, what do you think they are? Yes, they are all chocolates!! How awesome do they look!!!! Let’s check them all out. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes of various tools. They don’t only make tools, there are also various food, ladies items, teapots and more!

IMG_9624IMG_5276IMG_5137IMG_3836IMG_3310IMG_2135 2IMG_1338IMG_1701IMG_0590

They are all imported from the UK and the designs of each chocolate are like the real thing. Every item is packed really nicely so you don’t need to think about gift wrapping them again. The prices vary for each item but they are more on the high-end side as they do look really nice and just like the real items. Do you have these cute chocolates in your city/country?

IMG_7406 (2)IMG_6040IMG_3421 (1)IMG_1461 (1)IMG_8649

Thanks for reading


Visiting a Local Supermarket in Prague with Travelgirl

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Hi Everyone,

When I go to a new city/town, the first thing I like to do is to visit the local supermarket to see what interesting food we can try and see what the local produce is available. Today we are going to visit a local supermarket near our Airbnb in Prague. We needed to get some milk and breakfast so we checked it out early in the morning.

prague supermarket

The supermarket was not very big but was sufficient. There was plenty of bread in the bakery section, yoghurt, cold cuts etc. The fresh produce selection was not exciting in this store but I am sure in bigger branches there would be more choices.

IMG_9672IMG_1882 2IMG_2518IMG_6640 2


Prices were very reasonable compared to in Australia so we got some basic stuff and some interesting bread with meat fillings. Wish we have them back home.


Thanks for reading


Out & About Around Prague with @Travelgirl

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Hi Steemians,

We have been to Prague previously so this time we are only there for just over a day to just settle ourselves in Europe and overcome jetlag. Nothing really changed at all but seemed like there are more people around. Not sure if that is a good thing or not but our stay in Prague was very enjoyable. We did catch the wrong tram even though we had google maps …. don’t know how that happened but I guess that’s also the fun of traveling.



We saw this car parked really close to the other car ….. how are they going to go out of their parking space I wonder ….


The kids loved the horse carriages they just stood there waving at them.


I love the use of these bikes which is just so convenient if you don’t have the kids around. I wish we had more of these in Sydney.


Came across this store with some a variety of sauces and jam. I wish I could bring everything home!


Thanks for reading


Arriving in Prague & Picking Up The Car with Travelgirl

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Hi Everyone,

After nearly a day in Doha for our stopover and our airport hospital visit, we finally landed in Prague. It was an early flight so we by the time we went past immigration, it was already 8am. This was our first time at Prague airport and everything was smooth and simple. It wasn’t as big as some of the airports we have been to but enough to make a visitor feel comfortable. Once we got ourselves ready, we walked across the road to pick up our rental car. Keep in mind we were still in half summer clothes as Doha was 35 degrees and arriving at Prague was at around 10 degrees that morning.

prague arrivalIMG_1205IMG_8646IMG_8422 (1)IMG_8532

Picking up our car took a while but we found our car very quickly. Plenty of boot space for our luggage and we are off to our Airbnb. Let our holiday begin! This is our second time in Prague so we won’t be going to the touristy places. Let’s see where we end up going later.

IMG_5938IMG_6225 (3)IMG_2932IMG_4413 (1)IMG_3852 (1)

Thanks for reading


Unexpected Visit To The Airport Hospital @ Doha, Qatar

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Hi Everyone,

As we were leaving Doha after our quick stopover heading for Europe, Baby M had a nosebleed just as we were lining to go through immigration. It stopped very quickly but airport staff came to help us with some tissues and told us that we should get it checked out before going through immigration and boarding the flight.

doha hospital

My concern is we may not have enough time to go through customs depending on how long it will take them to check on our baby because we know he was fine. They assured us it will be very quick and will assist us through immigration if we are running short on time. We waited for around 5 minutes before an airport nurse came riding his bicycle. We had to walk around 500m to an internal staff area to the airport emergency centre.


Inside it was like a hospital set up with 2 nurses/reception with doctors. The doctor came and checked on Baby M very quick, cleaned his nose up and gave us a saline type of drop for his nose as it is currently very dry. We also need to get some discharge paperwork so we can also show them before boarding to ensure he is safe to be on the flight. We had a bit of time to go through immigration so the staff took us to a special lane and we were looked after very quickly. Thank you to all the staff at Doha airport for looking after our little man. He was very happy throughout the flight and we look forward to coming back on our way home back to Australia for another stopover!


Thanks for reading


Lunch at Incinerator @ Willougby, Australia

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Hi Everyone,

Just before I left for Europe, my friends and I went and had a great breakfast at the Incinerator and then one of them told me that the cafe has a new lunch menu for the spring season. So I went with the family over the weekend to check the new menu out for Spring. It was such a lovely day so we decided to sit outdoors right under the sun. Let’s check out the new lunch menu.



First up we ordered some drinks – a cold drip and their yummy Tim Tam chocolate shake. I had my drink in a takeaway cup as I don’t normally finish it over a meal so I can take it home.


There were 4 adults and 2 kids so we ordered quite a bit. We ordered kingfish ceviche, ocean trout, soft shell crab, chicken burger and kids fish and chips.

The food as always tastes nice but the servings aren’t that big especially the kingfish ceviche as you can see from the photos above. Although the kingfish ceviche was so small, it was the best on the day in my opinion. The other thing to note that the prices at this cafe especially for lunch are on the high end with mains over $20 and my shake for example at $8.50. For a treat, it is definitely a place I recommend.

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Putting Up The Christmas Tree with Travelgirl


Hi Everyone,

Christmas is just over 3 weeks away and our household is getting busier each day. Trying to organise catch ups, buy and wrap presents and most importantly put up the Christmas tree.


Last year our kids were still young so didn’t know what was happening but this year, Baby E and Baby M knew the deal and got to work straight away. Being on the lookout for sales especially after Christmas, I picked up some cheap decorations, bubbles and other dangly things for the tree which most of them were at least 80% off the original price.


Everyone had a go in putting on the decorations and the final masterpiece actually looked great. Now the next thing to do is fill up the bottom the tree with presents in the next few weeks.


Thanks for reading