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Lunch at Incinerator @ Willougby, Australia

Hi Everyone,

Just before I left for Europe, my friends and I went and had a great breakfast at the Incinerator and then one of them told me that the cafe has a new lunch menu for the spring season. So I went with the family over the weekend to check the new menu out for Spring. It was such a lovely day so we decided to sit outdoors right under the sun. Let’s check out the new lunch menu.



First up we ordered some drinks – a cold drip and their yummy Tim Tam chocolate shake. I had my drink in a takeaway cup as I don’t normally finish it over a meal so I can take it home.


There were 4 adults and 2 kids so we ordered quite a bit. We ordered kingfish ceviche, ocean trout, soft shell crab, chicken burger and kids fish and chips.

The food as always tastes nice but the servings aren’t that big especially the kingfish ceviche as you can see from the photos above. Although the kingfish ceviche was so small, it was the best on the day in my opinion. The other thing to note that the prices at this cafe especially for lunch are on the high end with mains over $20 and my shake for example at $8.50. For a treat, it is definitely a place I recommend.

Thanks for reading


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