Unexpected Visit To The Airport Hospital @ Doha, Qatar

Hi Everyone,

As we were leaving Doha after our quick stopover heading for Europe, Baby M had a nosebleed just as we were lining to go through immigration. It stopped very quickly but airport staff came to help us with some tissues and told us that we should get it checked out before going through immigration and boarding the flight.

doha hospital

My concern is we may not have enough time to go through customs depending on how long it will take them to check on our baby because we know he was fine. They assured us it will be very quick and will assist us through immigration if we are running short on time. We waited for around 5 minutes before an airport nurse came riding his bicycle. We had to walk around 500m to an internal staff area to the airport emergency centre.


Inside it was like a hospital set up with 2 nurses/reception with doctors. The doctor came and checked on Baby M very quick, cleaned his nose up and gave us a saline type of drop for his nose as it is currently very dry. We also need to get some discharge paperwork so we can also show them before boarding to ensure he is safe to be on the flight. We had a bit of time to go through immigration so the staff took us to a special lane and we were looked after very quickly. Thank you to all the staff at Doha airport for looking after our little man. He was very happy throughout the flight and we look forward to coming back on our way home back to Australia for another stopover!


Thanks for reading


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