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Arriving in Prague & Picking Up The Car with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

After nearly a day in Doha for our stopover and our airport hospital visit, we finally landed in Prague. It was an early flight so we by the time we went past immigration, it was already 8am. This was our first time at Prague airport and everything was smooth and simple. It wasn’t as big as some of the airports we have been to but enough to make a visitor feel comfortable. Once we got ourselves ready, we walked across the road to pick up our rental car. Keep in mind we were still in half summer clothes as Doha was 35 degrees and arriving at Prague was at around 10 degrees that morning.

prague arrivalIMG_1205IMG_8646IMG_8422 (1)IMG_8532

Picking up our car took a while but we found our car very quickly. Plenty of boot space for our luggage and we are off to our Airbnb. Let our holiday begin! This is our second time in Prague so we won’t be going to the touristy places. Let’s see where we end up going later.

IMG_5938IMG_6225 (3)IMG_2932IMG_4413 (1)IMG_3852 (1)

Thanks for reading


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