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Out & About Around Prague with @Travelgirl

Hi Steemians,

We have been to Prague previously so this time we are only there for just over a day to just settle ourselves in Europe and overcome jetlag. Nothing really changed at all but seemed like there are more people around. Not sure if that is a good thing or not but our stay in Prague was very enjoyable. We did catch the wrong tram even though we had google maps …. don’t know how that happened but I guess that’s also the fun of traveling.



We saw this car parked really close to the other car ….. how are they going to go out of their parking space I wonder ….


The kids loved the horse carriages they just stood there waving at them.


I love the use of these bikes which is just so convenient if you don’t have the kids around. I wish we had more of these in Sydney.


Came across this store with some a variety of sauces and jam. I wish I could bring everything home!


Thanks for reading