Visiting a Local Supermarket in Prague with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

When I go to a new city/town, the first thing I like to do is to visit the local supermarket to see what interesting food we can try and see what the local produce is available. Today we are going to visit a local supermarket near our Airbnb in Prague. We needed to get some milk and breakfast so we checked it out early in the morning.

prague supermarket

The supermarket was not very big but was sufficient. There was plenty of bread in the bakery section, yoghurt, cold cuts etc. The fresh produce selection was not exciting in this store but I am sure in bigger branches there would be more choices.

IMG_9672IMG_1882 2IMG_2518IMG_6640 2


Prices were very reasonable compared to in Australia so we got some basic stuff and some interesting bread with meat fillings. Wish we have them back home.


Thanks for reading



    1. yes we know Billa was better but Albert was the closest one we had near our Airbnb hence why we only got our milk and bread only there haha


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