Travelgirl’s Christmas Special – Gifts from Amazing Chocolate Workshop

Hi Everyone,

Christmas is coming up and buying gifts can be a bit of a headache for me since I have so many to buy and you try to make it a creative as possible. The hardest presents to buy in my opinion are for male friends as you know they don’t dress up like the ladies and already have the best and latest gadgets. So the other day, I came across this really cool store which I would like to share with you and in case you run out of ideas, this could be your backup!


Honestly, when you first look at the below, what do you think they are? Yes, they are all chocolates!! How awesome do they look!!!! Let’s check them all out. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes of various tools. They don’t only make tools, there are also various food, ladies items, teapots and more!

IMG_9624IMG_5276IMG_5137IMG_3836IMG_3310IMG_2135 2IMG_1338IMG_1701IMG_0590

They are all imported from the UK and the designs of each chocolate are like the real thing. Every item is packed really nicely so you don’t need to think about gift wrapping them again. The prices vary for each item but they are more on the high-end side as they do look really nice and just like the real items. Do you have these cute chocolates in your city/country?

IMG_7406 (2)IMG_6040IMG_3421 (1)IMG_1461 (1)IMG_8649

Thanks for reading



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