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Visit Bleší Trhy Markets @ Prague, Czech Republic with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

I love markets – not matter if they are vintage, old, new, you name it, I like to see them especially in different cities. Just as we were leaving Prague, I found out that Bleší Trhy Markets was opened so we decided to make a quick visit to see what the fuss was all about after reading a few blogs online. After 15 minutes drive, we are finally here and we bought an extra ticket/parking ticket for our car.

Bleší Trhy Markets @ Prague, Czech Republic


First thing I saw when we were inside, loads and loads of people. It was dustier than I imagined because everything was on the floor but that also the fun of it! But to my surprise, there were many “new” products for sale and even items like washing machines and car tyres.


There was some old vintage stuff around but they weren’t of good quality with my limited knowledge of old things.

IMG_8474IMG_7747IMG_6594IMG_5758IMG_5140IMG_5110IMG_4947IMG_4834IMG_3721 2IMG_3633 2IMG_3064 (1)IMG_2734IMG_2421

Just as I was leaving, I went past a gun shop. Gosh, there were heaps of guns in different shapes and sizes. There were also different sized knives and various weapons which looked a bit interesting. I wouldn’t recommend this market unless you really want to get your hands dirty for things that aren’t great in my opinion. I’ve seen better markets around and I left around 20 minutes after a quick walk around leaving empty-handed.


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