Out & About by Night Around Český Krumlov @ Czech Republic with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

During our visit to Český Krumlov, it was already the end of autumn and the weather has turned really cold when the sun sets. After we visited Český Krumlov castle (will post separation on our experience), we walked around town to find a nice restaurant for dinner.


Due to being there on a weekend and the non-peak season, many places were closed or were booked out. We finally found a really nice restaurant in an alley and had a nice hot meal there. During our stroll around the town by night, it was really pretty with the lights lit up around town. Many gifts stores were still opened but we decided to not visit them until the morning because the temperature was just dropping.

IMG_4916IMG_5105IMG_1173 (1)IMG_1617IMG_1738IMG_1172

We only stayed for one night. Not sure if we will ever come and visit Český Krumlov again any time soon but we will definitely recommend people to visit this lovely town if they are going to Czech Republic.


Thanks for reading


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