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Travelgirl Bought New Glasses (Not 1 but 2 Pairs!)

Hi Everyone

I’ve always worn glasses if I am working on the computer or too lazy to put on my contact lenses so once in a while I like to change my glasses for a different look.

Over the years I’ve had so many pairs in different shapes and sizes they all look the same to me now. But due to my health insurance, I get a yearly allowance allowing me to get new glasses or lenses change each year. This year I decided to try out the popular Japanese express glasses brand – Owndays. They only have two stores in Sydney and I went to the Chatswood store as parking was a lot more convenient than in the city.

With my insurance plan, I was able to get two pairs as the store was having an end of the year saw so definitely can’t complain about that! Once I had my eyes checked and glasses are chosen, I was able to pick up my glasses in 1hr. Now that is what you call service unlike some of the traditional ones that took days to get it ready for you. The one I bought were super light and comfy I can see why it is so popular in Japan.


Thanks for reading


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