Travelgirl Returning to Work …

Hi Everyone,

As many of you know, I’ve been in maternity leave for a long time and today is the day to go back to work! Everyone was excited except me. I was more worried about the new routine and how I’m going to cope with full-time work as well as the family.

I woke up a lot earlier than usual at 7am and got to the bus stop at 8am. I already packed my bag and got my work clothes ready the night before so I didn’t have to stress over that in the morning. Before I left the house, my other half reminded me that the bus stop has moved so it will be a longer walk to work for me. Oh well, life goes on.

I got to the city at 8.20am and got to the office foyer by 8.30am. Unfortunately, my manager was running late so I sat in the foyer and during that time, an old colleague and friend saw me and called out to me! Gosh after so many years, someone still recognized me so I guess I haven’t aged much lol!

The office has totally changed from the normal traditional desk setup to a hot desk situation. Unfortunately, my computer and mobile are not ready therefore I just took my time getting used to the new office and met some old colleagues for a catch-up.

During lunch, I did wanted to get a pair of shoes but no luck but got some hand wash instead from Bath & Body Works at 70% off! What a great bargain! It’s great to be kids free for a day and get to but of ‘me’ time. For lunch a bought a bowl of soup noodles – not great at all. Hope tomorrow will be another smooth day and my work gear will be ready for me.


Thanks for reading


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