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Special Apple Cake from Passion Tree Velvet

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday my other half bought me a cake to celebrate my accomplishment of surviving the first week of work after many years off from maternity leave. This cake store has high tea as well so he went and picked out this cool apple cake for me.


IMG_4413 (2)IMG_4414

It looked so real that I didn’t even want to eat it. Once I put the fork in, I can hear a nice crack sound from the white chocolate underneath the green coating. Then as I cut it in half, the apple inside is just like the apple pie you bake from home. It was pretty nice with the apple balancing out the chocolate or else it will be too heavy.

IMG_4415 (1)IMG_4416IMG_4418IMG_4419IMG_4420

Although it was all pretty and delicious, it wasn’t cheap and was told the cake cost $9 takeaway – not sure the price if you decide to sit down and enjoy it at the cafe area.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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