Post Christmas Sales …. Bargains Everywhere!

Hi Everyone,

Christmas was 3 weeks ago and I’m sure many of you have received many presents from your loved ones. What I love about after Christmas are the sales on Christmas wrappings and decorations. Normally they cost a fortune especially Christmas decorations so I normally wait for the sales preparing for the following year.

This year, I didn’t really need to buy too much so I wasn’t on the lookout. The other day, I saw some wrapping paper at the supermarket (Star War ones too!) for 20c. Normally they are like $3-$4 a roll. Anyways I picked a few up including some Disney Frozen wrapping paper but when I saw the checkout line, I decided it wasn’t worth it even it was super cheap.

So yesterday when I was at Target getting some stuff for next weeks party, I saw some extra cheap Christmas items on clearance. I bought 3 packs of the wrapping papers for 10c each! Yes, 10c for the 3 rolls!!! Normally it’s like $5 for the 3. Then I also got 4 extra tree decorations which were 20c each. Can’t complain right?

Have you found any cool bargains after Christmas? Let me know because we all love bargains!


Thanks for reading


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