On The Way From Salzburg to Hallstatt @ Austria with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

As many of you probably know, we love driving around from one place to the other when visiting another country. The reason being is you can sometimes see the unexpected along the way making the trip extra memorable. Going to Hallstatt was somewhere I really wanted to visit so we made sure we made it on this trip.


The trip was very scenic and there were not many cars (at least this was the road Google map took us down) so we could really enjoy the countryside views. It feels like we are driving from mountain to mountains and within these, there are small towns which look different to the bigger ones we’ve seen in the city. The scenery is definitely different from what we see here in Australia. It feels more calm, greener and ‘movielike’ which going through these towns. There were also times we wanted to stop and take a photo but unfortunately, there were no “stop zone” for us to park on the side which was a bit of a shame. Hope you all enjoy the photos – they were all taken from the car, therefore, may not have the best framing but you will see what I mean from the views we saw.


Thanks for reading


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