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Explore Some of The Houses Around Hallstatt @ Austria with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

As we arrived in Hallstatt, the one thing that got my attention was their houses. They were so nicely decorated and had the nice Austrian/ European countryside style to it. It’s one of those dream holiday homes you see on TV and it’s exactly what it looks like. Of course, there were some that were very ordinary or just very plain but still had the European housing feel to it.

As we visited during winter, many homes had a lot of firewood or logs ready for their heaters just like one of the houses we saw below. That will surely keep them warm at least a few weeks. The other thing we have noticed while we were walking through the small town is it was very quiet and the only things you could hear was the birds chirping away. If we look around us, there are mountains and all sorts of natural elements surrounding these houses.


Although it is a small town/ residential area, they made sure to have clear signage for locals and tourists to the main attractions as I am sure many of them do get lost around the small roads. Towards the end of the road, we saw this beautifully decorated home just like in the movies. Look at what they have done to the pots – they made it to a person sitting on the bench. So creative!

IMG_0014IMG_0011 (1)IMG_0013IMG_9989

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