Let’s Visit Badeinsel Hallstatt @ Austria with Travelgirl

Today I would like to take you to Badeinsel Hallstatt, not far from the famous Heritage site. We parked our car near Badeinsel , which is a small bathing island in Hallstatt which is very popular during summer. Locals love coming here for a swim to cool down, have a picnic and take some snaps as there are some fabulous views right in front of them.

Badeinsel Hallstatt

There are plenty of green space for kids to run around or families to relax. There is a small bridge pathway for people to get onto the island. You can see how magnificent the view looks already.

IMG_9990IMG_9991 (1)IMG_9992 (1)

See that bench on the left, many people would just sit there and enjoy the view. Great spot to take some decent photos of the lake and parts of Hallstatt. The water was crystal clear which you can see the reflections clearly of the mountains. If you are heading to Hallstatt, do stop by this beautiful point for a bit of relaxation away from the crowd and enjoy the views.

IMG_9994IMG_9993 (1)

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