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Searching For Yummy Local Food in Supermarkets @ Slovenia with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

When we go to a new place, we love to visit the local supermarket as any of you might have seen in my previous blog. This time I am taking you to a local supermarket at Bled, Slovenia looking for some new and wonderful food we can try. There were plenty of parking so no need to stress over that. Let’s take a  look inside.

There were many fresh fruit and veggies which was nice to see so after we got some basics, we decided to head over to the deli section. Lots of options to choose from just like in Sydney. Prices were a lot cheaper than what we pay here so we got some nice cold cuts for the evening. Then we went to check out the hot food section. OMG! The variety even in this not so big supermarket was just so good. First, we saw some pastry with different types of filling and decided to get 1 to try as it does look pretty big. Then we saw some pizza which we don’t have in our supermarkets but decided to not get any. We saw what we wanted.

IMG_0187IMG_0186 (1)


The hot meat section – different types of meatloaf!! The best bit is you can buy as many or little as you like all nice and hot for dinner. People love to have them between bread to make sandwiches but we want to eat it just by itself which was just as good. We bought the original meatloaf and one with capsicums which is still my favourite.


We needed some dessert and saw the variety. Which one would you pick?


As we were going to the checkout, we saw that they sell alcohol in the supermarket which we don’t have here in Sydney. Alcohol is sold separately in a different store which many are owned by the supermarket themselves. It was pretty interesting they did that because that would save a lot of time for shoppers, get everything and pay for it together rather than do it separately. We loved our visit to the supermarket and went back there a few more times over our few days in Bled.IMG_0195

Thanks for reading!


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