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Schirmbar @ Hallstatt, Austria – Perfect Place for Lunch!

Hi Everyone,

Today I will be taking you to have one of the best schnitzel we have had for a long time at Hallstatt – Schirmbar. While we were on our way to the view point at Hallstatt, we decided to get some lunch before walking up the hill. From far away, we could already smell the nice schnitzel from the restaurant plus the restaurant is situated right next to the water view of Hallstatt, what more can we ask for.

Asobono @ Tokyo,Japan (3)

The menu was right at the wall and there were plenty of choices.


We ordered a chicken schnitzel and a fish schnitzel which comes with chips and salad for both. The waiter told us there is no need to order another meal for the kids as the schnitzel are quite substantial which he was correct. The restaurant also offers coffee, desserts and has a bar if you feel like a beer before going up to see the view. The food came out nice and hot and both the fish and chicken was so juicy! The chips were not too charred which we like but the salad was just average. Having this meal next to the view is simply the best.


There were plenty of seating and we noticed that most of the customers are tourists who wants to have a quick bite. Prices were very reasonable considering the size of the meal as well as in a popular part of a tourist location with a stunning view. If you ever decide to visit Hallstatt in Austria, do consider trying out this restaurant and enjoy the view while you eat.

Address: Seestraße 145, 4830 Hallstatt, Austria

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