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Unboxing The MacBook Air with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

Since I’m back at work, I have bought myself a little present (OK not that little but it’s still a present). It arrived just before Chinese New Year (which was yesterday) and I’m so excited I just want to share! I bought myself the new 13 Inch MacBook Air!

unboxing macbook

I have been using the old MacBook for a while and this includes writing my blogs, cutting vlogs, editing photos – pretty much everything and I can tell the laptop was struggling. So I think it’s time to get a new one and probably sell the old one to cover a bit of the cost of the new one. Less talking, let’s check it out!~

IMG_5046 2IMG_5048 2IMG_5049 2

The screen definitely looks a big wider and the keyboard just feels soooo good. The speakers have noticeably improved and the fingerprint feature is a plus for someone lazy like me. The only downside is it does feel heavier than my old one. Other than that, it’s definitely a laptop I recommend for someone who wants to upgrade their current laptop.

IMG_5052 2

Thanks for reading


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