Let’s Have Dinner at Mach 2 @ Sydney Airport, Australia with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

Depending on the time of our flight, we normally have a meal at the airport regardless what airline we will be flying because we want everyone to be fed well and don’t go on to the plane hungry. This time, we decided to have dinner at Mach 2 which is located on the departure section before the custom security area. The reason why we chose this place is because we are Priority Pass members and we get to have a free meal of up to $36 including drinks. As we have two people, we can have up to $72 and anything else extra we will just pay as per usual.

mach 2

Let’s check out the menu first

We ordered a kids meatball spaghetti, Spaghetti Machiavelli 31 & a Sirloin 40. We were also been given some bread and butter to start and we munched it all up.

The servings of the meals were average in particular my Spaghetti Machiavelli 31 but the sirloin steak was pretty good. The kids meal was average but our kids ate it very quickly – I think the sauce was the winner! Having this meal included with our membership was very nice because as many of you would know, eating at the airport is never cheap especially somewhere you can sit down with table service. There were plenty of seating and room for hand luggages so you don’t need to worry. There is also a cafe style takeaway right at the front so if you want something light or coffee to go, you can also order from here.


Thanks for reading!


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