Let’s Buy Some Chocolates @ Koko Black with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

For Valentines this year, I decided to get some really nice chocolates for my other half and found this really cute store in the city called Koko Black. Normally I get some nice chocolates from Haigh’s Chocolates so I wanted to get something a little bit different.

koko chocolates

I tried to get them during lunch but the line was super long so I went down towards the end of the day and the wait was more reasonable. The exterior of the store has many XOXO on it. Super cute! Let’s have a look inside. Everyone was lining to get the gourmet chocolates in different sized box so I decided to get a box of 9 which was $24. There were just too many different chocolates and flavours to choose from so it was a bit difficult to choose the 9 I think he will like. After choosing the 9 chocolates, the staff asked me to choose a card which comes with the chocolate and we have 4 design to choose from. That was a nice touch as buying a card these days isn’t cheap either so having something that matches the gift was perfect!

IMG_5398IMG_5401 (1)IMG_5403IMG_5402

If you don’t have time to put together a gift box, there are some that are available already made or smaller packets to munch on.


IMG_5407IMG_5431 2

Thanks for reading


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