Colour with Travelgirl – New Book with Travel Theme! Yay!

Hi Everyone,

Some of you may know, I love adults colouring books and have two of Joanna Basford’s books, a few random Japanese ones. Two days ago when I was doing my weekly browse at Daiso, I found a new book they have imported from Japan. Check this out!


They have a forest theme and a travel theme. And you guessed it, I have to buy the travel themed one mainly because it suits me but the other is I’ve done enough of Joanna Basford’s garden and forest them books. I was super excited and after the seeing the price, it couldn’t get any better! Let’s check out some of the pages.

IMG_5502IMG_5503 2IMG_5504 2IMG_5505 2IMG_5506IMG_5507

I can’t wait to share some of the finished products with you in the coming weeks (hope I have some time do a few of them). I don’t think I’m a great colouring artist but I do enjoy it a lot and it helps me relax after a long day. Do you have something you enjoy that helps you relax after a long day?

Thanks for reading



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