Visiting Bled Castle @ Bled, Slovenia with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone

Today I will be taking you to the famous Bled Castle in Slovenia. When you arrive in Bled, you will easily see the castle right at the top of the hill. We drove our car to the entrance and we paid for a parking spot which you will be directed by someone when you get there. As we were talking towards the entrance, we found ourselves at the bottom of another hill – we need to hike up a very steep cobblestone path to get to the ticket counter.

bled castle

It wasn’t easy with the strollers but we got there eventually. We bought out tickets from the front desk and started our visit making our way up to the view point. Kids were free and we continued pushing up the the hill. As we were walking up, you can see the castle is still in its original colour and condition which I thought was great they kept that. A few minutes later, we can see the pretty view. Unfortunately on the day when we visited, it was a bit cloudy but as long as it wasn’t raining, it wasn’t an issue. After taking some photos, we went to visit the castle museum which I will introduce in another blog.

IMG_0253 (1)IMG_0241 (1)IMG_0240 (1)IMG_0255 (1)

IMG_0256 (2)IMG_0257 (1)

IMG_0260 (1)IMG_0262 (2)IMG_0263 (1)IMG_0276 (3)

As we were leaving the castle, we decided to take a break and have a coffee and the famous Slovenia cake in the castle. It wasn’t the best cake, but it was not bad considering you have a really nice view while enjoying a cake and drinking coffee.


Small tip – prepare yourself for some steep hill walk on cobble stops. Wear some comfy shoes and clothing. During summer months, bring some water and wear sun protective gear.

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