Let’s Visit Lake Bled @ Bled, Slovenia with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

After visiting Bled Castle, we decided to head down to Lake Bled to explore the surroundings. Fortunately when we arrived, all the clouds have disappeared and the sun came out welcoming us.

lake bled

When we arrived, there was a tourist train waiting for passengers to get on. I believe during summer, these trains will be full of people wanting to explore the lake in style because the lake is pretty big so you either need to drive or take one of these trains to go around it.


As we walked towards the lake, there were many of these gondola taking tourists to the Bled Island to visit the church. We stood there for awhile and decided to not take the gondola over as we had the two kids. What if one needed to go to the toilet or the other one wants a feed. That wouldn’t be a good idea so we just enjoyed the lake by the bank.

IMG_0406 (1)IMG_0420 (1)IMG_0407IMG_0408 (1)

The water was crystal clear and a pretty duck came towards us thinking we may have food for them. Unfortunately we finished all our snacks. As your can see from the photos, the water not only was clear, it was extremely clean. It was a very enjoyable visit as there weren’t many people around and the sun came out at the right time.

IMG_0417 (1)IMG_0418 (1)

Thanks for reading


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