Let’s Have Manner’s Hot Chocolate with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

During our visit to Vienna, we went to the famous chocolate store Manner to get some gifts for friends and family. While I was there, I picked up a few goodies for ourselves and the hot chocolate drink was one of them.

hot chocolate

I finally opened it the other day to see how it tastes. Would it be as tasty as the chocolate? Let’s check it out. On the instructions, it recommends 5 spoons of coco powder for 1 cup which I thought may be a bit much. So i put in 3 as I prefer something less sweet. The powder looks more larger than the usual hot chocolate powder I get from our supermarkets. And the smell was so chocolatey the moment I opened the can.


After I put in the water, had a sip and added another spoon which tasted perfect. So for my preference, I would use 4 spoonfuls rather than 5 which they recommended. Do you have a preferred hot chocolate powder brand in your country?


Thanks for reading


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