The Art of Packing when Traveling with Kids

Hi Everyone,

When I started traveling without kids, depending where I’m going I would be off with a suitcase and a hand carry or back pack. But with young kids, the aim is to bring the most taking the least amount of space. Why is that? Because you are faced to either pushing your luggage or trying to take care of the kids. Since the kids came along, our style of packing have changed a lot. The kid’s necessity is a priority and we probably be left with space for just 3-4 pairs of socks and undies. We would need to bring our portable portacot which is considered the lightest and smallest on the market. Two strollers just incase the older one doesn’t want to walk or is a nice place for nap. The strollers also act as a “carrier” for us which can hold our nappy bag, shopping and anything else that we can hang off. In the case of going to our last trip to Europe, we bought two large suitcases and 2 expandable bag for the soft stuff. We would bring nappies that could last at least a week, milk powder in case they are not used to the local milk, loads of wet towels, blankets, clothing …. the list goes on. Probably only 1/5 of the space belongs to my husband and I. Just check out the luggage we bought back to Sydney.


Then you wonder how much stuff you can hang off a stroller. Now this also comes with experience, we can hang heaps of stuff on, hang off another stroller on top of it AND another handcart. So I would be pushing the stroller like this while my other half pushes the rest of the luggages on the trolley. I guess this is what to expect when you bring young kids on long hauls and we are getting better and better after each trip. Do you have any other tips or tricks that you can share?


Thanks for reading


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