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Let’s Visit Soteska Vintgar @ Slovenia with Travelgirl (Part 1)

Hi Everyone,

Before we left our accommodation, I did a quick research on the complexity of the hike because of two things. I am not a very active person so I’m worried I won’t be able to finish the whole trek and secondly, can we bring our prams because the distance of the whole hike is not short. First things first, let’s find our destination first and decide if we can try it out.

vintgar p1

On the way there, we saw lots of farm animals enjoy the sun and we drove through many smaller old towns. Some roads were so narrow trucks bearly go past each section so the drivers there have to be really careful when driving through these towns.

IMG_0476 (1)IMG_0477 2IMG_0480 (2)

When we arrive there was free parking which was great. We started walking towards the ticket when there is a tour bus coming behind us. I guess it is a popular visiting place after all. Here are the ticket prices. Our kids go in for free. The view here was very pretty even though its a gorge but it was something that we haven’t done before.

IMG_0486 2IMG_0487IMG_0488

My other half snapping away getting some pictures for our travel collection. Lucky the day we decided to visit was really sunny and fine as if it was a wet day, it would be too dangerous for us to go with the kids. There were a lot of leaves and if they get wet, you can slip very easily. Even on a day, you still get some moist from the overnight dew so the leaves were a bit wet already.

IMG_0492IMG_0494 (1)

Just look at how clear the water was. My advise is to wear a comfy pair of shoes and bring small backpack with some water and snacks. There is something to buy at the end of the walk but during the walk, you may need something to keep yourself hydrated at it is nearly 1.6km walk one way after all.


Part 2 will be up next shortly

Thanks for reading


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