Have You Used Herb Paste in Your Cooking Before?

Hi Everyone,

I was browsing in the supermarket the other day and found these interesting tubes of herb paste. I normally buy mine fresh and haven’t really taken notice of these ones in a tube.


So you need to keep them in the fridge and is good for 4 months from the day it opens. The one I got is coriander as we use it a lot at home but I wonder if it will take the same as the fresh herbs. And how would I incorporate that with my normal cooking cos its a bit weird (not sure why). By the way, these tubes are not cheap as you can see but they do have many types from chilli to garlic so there must be something you need.

Do you have any recipes you can share with me with these herb tubes?

IMG_6160 (1)IMG_6162IMG_6163

Thanks for reading


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