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Let’s Visit Soteska Vintgar @ Slovenia with Travelgirl (Part 2)

Hi Everyone,

Let’s continue on the trails of Soteska Vintgar in Slovenia. As we were walking, the sun was getting warmer and warmer. I think also at the same time we were doing some exercise therefore we were getting pretty warm.

Soteska Vintgar

The path is getting more narrow as we go in. Someone walking back (we use the same path to walk back) advised us that we won’t be able to push he pram any further later on so be prepared to take the kids out. As you can see the photo below, I am already struggling pushing the pram through the path. The view though was really pretty. The other thing to take notice is the whole place is not covered therefore it is not recommended to come here when it rains as you will get drenched and the wet leaves on the floor is far to dangerous to walk as it gets very very slippery. Even when there was dew from the night before, the leaves were very slippy.

IMG_2465 (1)

Here is a photo to show you how wet the leaves can be and they are scattered around. On the left you can see people has climbed down and stacked up the rocks in a tower creating a very different look to this lake. The only thing you could hear while walking through here was just the sound of water.

IMG_6254 (1)IMG_5538 (1)

Towards the end, we see this arch bit which we marks the end of our walk. Everyone was here taking photos, I guess we did a lot of hard work to get to the end. A little bit further in, there is a small shop for people to get a drink and snack before they take the same route back to the carpark.

IMG_4283 (1)IMG_2433 (1)IMG_7446 (1) copy

Thanks for reading


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