The End of Daylight Saving Last Night in Sydney …..

Hi Everyone,

If you have read some of my blogs or watched my videos, you would have probably seen me mention daylight saving in Sydney is something I wish would stay forever. Last night was the end of our daylight saving for the summer so we had to change our clocks to go back an hour (yay we got one hour back!).

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 7.47.24 pm

The reason I dread daylight saving ending is we loose an extra hour of sunlight. When we finish work by 5pm, the sky is already dark and everything seems so sad. Unlike in summer, the sun is still out when we step out of the office which makes the walk to the bus stop more enjoyable. Tomorrow is the first working day since the change and I’m dreading it. And when it hits June when winter comes around, it will be cold, windy and dark by 5pm.

Another thing why the change of time is a pain is it takes my kids at least a week to adjust to the new timing. So I have to change my schedule slightly to cater for this change and going back to work now I’m not sure how it will work. I guess I will just wait and see tomorrow.

Does your country have daylight saving? Do you like it or not?

Thanks for reading



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