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Travelgirl Tries Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin Snack

Hi Everyone,

I’ve finally got my hands on these high demand fish skin snacks from Singapore. I’m sure @ace108 and @jrvacation have had many in Singapore because they are just so yummy. My friend came back from Singapore 2 weeks ago and manage to only bring 6 back! We were lucky to get 1 pack considering you have to buy them from gumtree or Ebay in Sydney. People are selling them for $70AUD for 2 packs! Pretty crazy. Though the large back in Singapore is $16 Singaporean dollars when I checked online but that is still a nice profit.

Our friend got us a big pack. As many of you know, salted egg has high cholesterol but it’s a treats so its not a big problem to have a bit more than usual. First thing when I opened the packet was the smell of salted eggs. yuummmmmmmm. Then I took one out and the fish skin was really crunch and coated with lots of salted eggs. It was sooooo delicious and not salty at all! No wonder it’s so popular! But after having half a dozen of them, I had to stop and have a whole cup of tea as it was so heavy.

I’ve still got half a pack left and I see it being finished this week. Have you tried this before?


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Starý Otec @ Bratislava, Slovakia

Hi Everyone,

As we were traveling around Bratislava, we came across a deli which we bought some really nice jamón for our breakfast. This deli had high quality of cold cuts and the prices were a lot cheaper than what we pay for in Australia.


For jamón for example, we pay around $40 AUD per kilo but in Bratislava, half the price or less depending which type you buy. There are all sorts of other meat and as it was the end of the day, they were starting to pack up but also the time where many people will buy their food for the night or the next day.

IMG_1099IMG_1098IMG_1097 (1)IMG_1094

Apart from cold cuts, they sell all sorts of cracks, sauces, other condiments as well as some dairy. I wish we had something so cheap with high quality in Australia. I miss Europe!


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Travelgirl’s Small Project This Weekend

Hi Everyone,

These two weeks have been really hectic as my other half have been away from home so I am here looking after the kids AND trying to survive in a full time job. But luckily the boys have been well behaved so we’ve been able to go on with our lives without too much trouble.

We did visit Ikea and got a small bookshelf. I am not a hands on person with furniture as it normally involves Daddy E but this time I had to put it together so at least we can use it while he was away. The bookshelf was $25AUD so it wasn’t too expensive. So let’s start!

It wasn’t too difficult as I treated it like lego but it was really hard in the end when I couldn’t find the screw drivers at home so I had to resort to using the crappy Ikea ones which was included in the box. All up it took less than 20 minutes, it would had been faster if I had the right tools. Now the kids have a small bookshelf to put their overflowing books from the other cupboard.


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Traveling the World #139 – Tihany Village & Lake Balaton @ Hungary

Hi Everyone,

It’s been awhile I’ve updated our trip. Today I’ll be taking you around Tihany Village and Lake Balaton in Hungary. Tihany is a small town in Hungary but also have some really nice views. Around Tihany Village, there are many shops selling traditional gifts and restaurants for those were are visiting. There are many cobble stones long the pathway so if you are pushing a stroller like me, be prepared.

tihany village

IMG_0981IMG_0985IMG_0986 2IMG_0987IMG_1023 (1)

As were were visiting during low season, shops weren’t all opened but there were still plenty of tourists around. As we walk along the path towards the top end, it will eventually lead you to Lake Balaton which over looks the clear water. Do come here on a sunny day as there is no cover anywhere so a raining day not only ruins the view but you will get really wet. I suggest you where comfy shoes as it is a bit of a walk and on cobble stones, its is not easy.


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The Lavender Shop @ Tihany, Hungary

Hi Everyone,

Let’s continue on some of the cool things I’ve seen in last trip to Europe a few months ago. When we were walking around Tihany, there is a really nice shop that sell items made or related to lavender. This place was just so pretty with the soft lavender colour.

lavendar shop

If you visit Tihany during the right season, you will see lots of lavender fields. The sea of purple is what many locals and visitors see during that season. As we were walking through the main strip, we saw this store with many gifts made with lavender like soap, bath soap, candles, food etc. We didn’t get anything from the store except for a magnet just incase we cannot bring some of the flower based items back to Sydney.

It was just a beautiful store. If you are in Tihany, make sure to visit the store enjoy the products offered in this store.

IMG_1063 (1)IMG_1058 (1)IMG_1059 (1)IMG_1061 (1)IMG_1062 (1)

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