Travelgirl’s Small Project This Weekend

Hi Everyone,

These two weeks have been really hectic as my other half have been away from home so I am here looking after the kids AND trying to survive in a full time job. But luckily the boys have been well behaved so we’ve been able to go on with our lives without too much trouble.

We did visit Ikea and got a small bookshelf. I am not a hands on person with furniture as it normally involves Daddy E but this time I had to put it together so at least we can use it while he was away. The bookshelf was $25AUD so it wasn’t too expensive. So let’s start!

It wasn’t too difficult as I treated it like lego but it was really hard in the end when I couldn’t find the screw drivers at home so I had to resort to using the crappy Ikea ones which was included in the box. All up it took less than 20 minutes, it would had been faster if I had the right tools. Now the kids have a small bookshelf to put their overflowing books from the other cupboard.


Thanks for reading



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