Starý Otec @ Bratislava, Slovakia

Hi Everyone,

As we were traveling around Bratislava, we came across a deli which we bought some really nice jamón for our breakfast. This deli had high quality of cold cuts and the prices were a lot cheaper than what we pay for in Australia.


For jamón for example, we pay around $40 AUD per kilo but in Bratislava, half the price or less depending which type you buy. There are all sorts of other meat and as it was the end of the day, they were starting to pack up but also the time where many people will buy their food for the night or the next day.

IMG_1099IMG_1098IMG_1097 (1)IMG_1094

Apart from cold cuts, they sell all sorts of cracks, sauces, other condiments as well as some dairy. I wish we had something so cheap with high quality in Australia. I miss Europe!


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