Travelgirl Tries Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin Snack

Hi Everyone,

I’ve finally got my hands on these high demand fish skin snacks from Singapore. I’m sure @ace108 and @jrvacation have had many in Singapore because they are just so yummy. My friend came back from Singapore 2 weeks ago and manage to only bring 6 back! We were lucky to get 1 pack considering you have to buy them from gumtree or Ebay in Sydney. People are selling them for $70AUD for 2 packs! Pretty crazy. Though the large back in Singapore is $16 Singaporean dollars when I checked online but that is still a nice profit.

Our friend got us a big pack. As many of you know, salted egg has high cholesterol but it’s a treats so its not a big problem to have a bit more than usual. First thing when I opened the packet was the smell of salted eggs. yuummmmmmmm. Then I took one out and the fish skin was really crunch and coated with lots of salted eggs. It was sooooo delicious and not salty at all! No wonder it’s so popular! But after having half a dozen of them, I had to stop and have a whole cup of tea as it was so heavy.

I’ve still got half a pack left and I see it being finished this week. Have you tried this before?


Thanks for reading


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