Shopping at Designer Outlet Parndorf @ Austria

Hi Everyone,

While we were in Slovakia, we planned to go to the Designer Outlet Parndorf in Austria as its was only an hour away from Bratislava. You may have noticed during my trip to Europe as of now, I have not bought and shopped so this is my chance!

We arrived around 10am so we made we had enough time to go through the shops and also taking consideration the kid’s rest time. After an hour drive from Bratislava, we have arrived! What a great day to be out and about shopping!


There were lots of luxury brands as well as local brands. Before we arrived, I was on the website checking out the brands so I can just visit those stores to avoid further time wasted PLUS to ensure our kids don’t run out of patience. My aim was to get a pair of shoes (or two!) and I had high hopes considering it was a pretty big outlet and had so many brands. When we arrived, we saw Prada and Furla. I do go in for a quick spin at Prada but not as cheap as I wanted due to the exchange rate. Many years ago, I remember going to the Prada outlet called The Space in Italy and those prices great!


The shop I was looking forward to was Tods but soooo sad they didn’t have my size for the style I liked. I guess it is the outlet so the popular sizes would be gone very quickly. It was definitely a lot cheaper than in Australia and Asia. I guess next time!

IMG_1154IMG_1149 2IMG_1150IMG_1158

We stayed there till dark (yes time just ticked by so quickly) but we did get a lot of things. Towards the end, we saw a really nice play area for the kids so we let the kids play till they were hungry for dinner and started heading over to the car to drive back to Bratislava. Did I end up getting any shoes? Noooooooo *cry*. The hunt will continue on this trip.

IMG_1167 (1)IMG_1162IMG_1163IMG_1164IMG_1165IMG_1173 (2)

Thanks for reading


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