Great Coffee Cart at Parndorf Designer Outlet @ Austria

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Hi Everyone,

While we were in Austria, it was already cold and being at the outlet walking and buying things non stop (yes non stop LOL), you do get tired and thirsty. We didn’t want anything cold like a soft drink or water from the vending machines so we tried to look for a something warm. The other criteria I had was I didn’t want to really sit down because we don’t have a lot of time left as it was getting dark so something quick and easy would be preferred.

Then we found this cute coffee car. The coffee smell so nice and they also sell hot chocolate. Without thinking, we got a coffee and a hot chocolate (extra hot!). Gosh it was the best drink we had all day! It gave us energy and we were off shopping again after our drink. If you are at the outlet, do look out for this coffee car cos it was a life saver for us!

Thanks for reading