The Wet Edge Restaurant @ Sheraton Resort, Fiji

Hi Everyone,

During our time in Fiji, we had a lovely meal at a restaurant on the walk between the Sheraton & Westin resort. It is ALWAYS packed so we had to book ahead of time to ensure we get a table to see why it is so popular.

waters edge

Let’s have a look at the menu. I love the fact that you get a seperate kids menu in Fiji as they are very family friendly and allows kids to enjoy their meal with many options available.

The waitress bought out a sauce rack in preparation for our food to arrive. We ordered a hotdog meals for the kids, a kids fish and chips and a daily special seafood & rib platter for 2. Here comes our food. The whole platter is 90% seafood except for ribs which is from the bbq.

The platter was defiantly enough for 2 adults and we had some food left over. Most of the food on the platter was fabulous except for the battered fish which I thought was a bit small and had a thick layer of batter. The Fijian Kokoda was sooooo delicious I wanted more. It is like semi raw fish mixed with veggies and coconut juice/soup. It is a traditional dish in Fiji. There were little prawns than what we saw on the picture but it was very fresh. Squid was done perfectly! yummmm

The service here was great. The kids had a great time and seating was pretty spacious. The only downside and I’ve mentioned this previously, in Fiji, many food outlets don’t have any air condition therefore it was a bit warm eating dinner and trying to keep cool. We didn’t order any drinks that night but were supplied with plenty of cool water throughout the night.

Thanks for reading


Address: Within Sheraton Resort in Fiji

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