A Visit to “Something There Is” Art Exhibition with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

A week ago, I quickly dropped by to a local exhibition called “Something There Is”. Honestly I had no idea what to expect as this venue runs different displays every month with free entry (I’ve never been to one that had an entry fee).

something there is

I’m not an art person so it didn’t interest me when I walked in but the thing that got my attention were the display right in the middle of the venue. They seem to look like they were made from newspaper all braided to a bowl like shape and they were all around the room. It was very diy to me and that really got me interested and I stood there for 5 minutes trying to work out how its made. They were all the same shape just in different sizes as they were all handmade. It was an interesting display and I hope the next one at the venue would be a more exciting one.

Thanks for reading



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