Bratislava Castle @ Bratislava, Slovakia

Hi Everyone,

While we were in Bratislava, the castle was one of the highlight was visiting the castle. It was a public holiday when we wanted to visit and surprisingly the castle was opened. We parked out car nearby and walked up the hill to see it.

The first thing we noticed was the beautiful view of the city. Just where the view is, there is a large gate which make a nice photo opportunity.

IMG_1215 2

As we walk into the middle of the castle, you see a simple map to show where things are. As we had a stroller, the lift was not available so we didn’t end up going in. In the middle of the castle, there is also a well which of course is not in use but it was quite popular with the younger crowd all wanting to peer down the whole.

It was a nice place to visit especially on a public holiday. I was a bit disappointed we couldn’t make it inside as the lift wasn’t working. Hope we can go inside next time if we visit the castle again.

Thanks for reading


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