Baroque Gardens of Bratislava @ Bratislava, Slovakia

Hi Everyone,

After our visit at the Bratislava Castle, we went to check out Baroque Gardens which is right behind the castle. It is one the must see attractions when you visit Bratislava as it is very close to the castle therefore most people will pay a visit.

It is free entry so you can enjoy your time in the garden. It is not very big like some of the parks around the city but it is sure a special one. When you walk in, you can see that the garden has been designed carefully like a special art work. While we were researching, we can see that depending on the season, there would be various flowers planted around to make it a picturesque for visits to take photos and enjoy. If you stand on top of the stairs, it’s like a beautiful art work.

As we visited during winter, there weren’t any flowers unfortunately so we just see green and simple garden. I can imagine summer months this garden will be so colourful!

Along the side of the garden, we see rows of plants and statue like on the tall walls. It matches the castle which is next door. As it was getting cold in the afternoon, we decided not to stay too long and headed back to the car. Just a reminder that the garden is not pram friendly due to the stones on the floor. Be prepared to take your little ones out of the pram and walk around the garden.

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