77 Sushi @ Krakow, Poland

Hi Everyone,

I have been meaning to write about this restaurant but have been hesitant. The reason being is this might be one of the most expensive Japanese meal we have had for a long time (with basic menu options with no expensive produce). The reason we decided to have this Japanese meal was Baby M really wanted Asian noodles as we haven’t had them for a few weeks in Europe. We quickly had a look at the menu and we decided to give it a go.

77 sushi

Let’s have a look at the menu first. What I like about the place was they had a separate kids menu which was perfect for us. The normal adult menu was quite extensive as well. We were pretty impressed with the selection all the way in Poland!

First, they gave us a seaweed appetiser complimentary from the restaurant. Then we ordered a salmon tarte, two kids soba soup noodles and a variety of nigiri. For drinks, we just ordered some still water. Here comes our food.

The salmon tarte was delicious! It is actually better than the ones we get in Sydney! The noodles were most needed for the kids and they scoffed it down. The nigiri was average. Some of them didn’t feel that fresh but it was acceptable.

What I like about the restaurant was they gave the kids some activities to do while we waited for the food. The service was really good considering they were so busy. There were a lot of people at the restaurant so I guess it is a well known branch in Krakow. The only thing that was a shock to us was the price. We knew the prices of course when we ordered but was shocked how much they charge for Japanese food considering the other cuisines we had there so far was relatively cheap. If you don’t look at the price, the meal was very enjoyable all the way in Poland.


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