Travelgirl’s Review – Anahola Granola

Hi Everyone,

One of my friends came back from Hawaii and gave me a whole heap of stuff as souvenirs. One of them was a pack of granola. Here in Sydney, good quality ones are expensive so I was pretty excited to try these ones from overseas. She bought me a tropical one with a combo of macadamia nuts, papaya, pineapple, sweet coconut, oats, seeds and honey. The pack was a nice size and allowed me to have 6 bowls ie 6 breakfasts. This brand is a Hawaiian brand so definitely hard to find here in Sydney. If you do know of anywhere that sells this here, please let me know!


IMG_1020 (1)

IMG_1021 (1)

As you can see, there are lots of ingredients there. Lots of goodness to start the day off for breakfast. I have to say, I don’t eat much cereal normally but this one is definitely something to look for. The amount of coconut and pineapple really turns the boring nuts and oats to an amazing bowl of goodness. As it is packed with different things, you do get full from a small bowl.

If you are in Hawaii for a holiday, do look out for this. Highly recommended!


thanks for reading.





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