Katara Cultural Village @ Doha, Qatar

Hi Everyone,

People in Doha tend to go out late at night as the weather is cooler than during the day. The weather during the day could be at least 35 degrees heat and due to their culture, people are all covered up including tourists. This will make going during the day difficult but by night, the city comes to life. While in Doha, we decided to make a quick visit to Katara Cultural Village. We took an Uber and the driver took us there very quickly.

katara cultural centre

The first thing I’ve noticed about Katara Cultural Village was the lack of lights. It was dark in most places but people seem was happy doing their own things. We were also told that kids in Doha sleep late due to the late even lifestyle. We arrived at Katara Cultural Village just at 11pm and was surprised that families were still out and about happily kicking a ball or riding bikes around the open area. To be honest, I wasn’t able to take many pictures as the place was pitch dark.

IMG_7341 (1)IMG_4019IMG_0430

There were some places with lights including cafe, restaurants and convenient stores. We walked towards the multi-purpose hall and everyone was just sitting around the enjoying the nice cool evening breeze with the sound of waves surrounding them as we were close to Katara Beach. If I do go to Doha again, I would try to visit Katara Cultural Village during the day (combating the heat) as I can imagine how nice the village would be with their traditional architecture.

IMG_8327 (3)IMG_3455

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