Milk Flower @ Chatstwood, Australia

Hi Everyone,

Today we went past a new drink store at Chatswood called Milk Flower. We heard about them previously at another store in Burwood and now they have opened a few more around Sydney. Apparently, this week was their soft opening and there was a huge crowd waiting for their drinks. During this soft opening, they are having a special – 20% off their signature drink or 50% off the second drink from the yoghurt section.

milk flower

They have a very small menu of drinks which was great for those who are always indecisive. I ordered a mango purple rice yoghurt and my other half ordered their signature Milk Flower drink. It literally took 15 minutes to get our drink due to the number of orders they had. I didn’t get to take a photo of the signature drink as my other half had it before I could even take a proper picture.

IMG_1456IMG_1457 (2)IMG_1458

The drink was heavy I guess from the yoghurt and purple rice. You need to share it properly before you drink it. There is a picture below on the below and after I shook it. It has a good balance of yoghurt and mango bits inside. There were bits of purple rice in the drink which makes this drink very heavy. The taste was nice and I really liked the mango part of the drink. I can even say its a meal in itself! Personally, I prefer the usual bubble teas as this is really is too thick for my liking and having this after lunch made it harder to finish.


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