Gold Shopping with Travelgirl @ Hamad International Airport, Qatar

Hi Everyone,

I have heard about lots of gold shopping in airports at Doha and Dubai but never seen the ranges before so I was looking forward to checking these places out. Apart from gold shopping, there are also lots of European luxury brands around Hamad International Airport to cater visitors and their local people for any last minute splurges.

qatar gold shopping

First, we were dropped off by our Uber driver right at the departure terminal. Uber in Doha was super convenient we virtually used them the moment we landed so keep that in mind when you visit this beautiful city. After a small incident (Baby M had a massive nose bleed and we were taking to the airport hospital for clearance), you will see many shops around the main area. This is when we saw lots of goldddddd.

IMG_0268 (1)IMG_9476 2

There were lots of choices, designs and price range. They had many staff on deck but I still had to wait for some time before I can get any assistance to look at any piece. The photos I’ve taken were only a small amount of stock available and there were lots more to suit any budget. I looked at a pair of earrings and it worked out just $150AUD but it was very light and thin. I find many of their signs are like that, maybe to suit the market? I didn’t end up getting anything but just after we had a quick meal, we did see Hermes where they had a nice range available – even more than what was offered at the stores in Europe.

IMG_7500 (1)IMG_6616 (1)IMG_1990 (2)

Just right near our gate, there were some really nice kids indoor play area. It was a great addition for parents who need to get rid of their little one’s energy before a long plane ride.

IMG_9053IMG_9457 (1)

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