Lune Finally Comes to Sydney + Travelgirl’s Lune Experience in Melbourne

Hi Everyone,

OMG!! Lune is coming to Sydney and the location is TBA. Lune is a famous bakery in Melbourne selling some of the best croissants in town. The line can go on forever so having a store in Sydney would help those who can’t fly to Melbourne all the time. These yummy croissants even stay fresh after being on a plane for a few hours, they are just the bomb! So I’ll today, I thought I’ll share my experience in Melbourne a month ago when we tried to buy croissants over the new year.


Our friends who lived in Melbourne told us to try the almond croissants & the normal ones. They have a nice crunchy outer layer and the inside is soft and smooth. So we decided to wake up and get there before 8am to beat the crowd. The store is actually around 20mins walk from our Airbnb so we decided to just walk there. There was no line when we arrived, then we saw a sign with a few people also looking disappointed. They only sell takeaway at Fitzroy (their factory) so we quickly took the Uber. Once we arrived, we knew it will be a bit of a wait.


Look at that line! One thing for sure, we are in the right place. Can you see that tall guy in the line, that is Daddy M waiting ‘patiently’ in line waiting for his breakfast and coffee. After nearly 45 minutes in the line (remember this is all takeaway customers), we are finally there. Yes, that is the hole you make your order, pay and get your food. The worst part is due to the holiday season, the only sell the original croissant and the lemon cruffins. Without any choices, we bought both to take home and share it with everyone.

I love the fact the box has wholes around it so it ensures the moist doesn’t make the croissants soft and soggy. A plain croissant was $6 and lemon cruffins were 7.50 each. Not cheap for bakery food but they are worth the price especially the croissant. It smells nice, crunch with a nice texture and a soft center. I didn’t like the lemon cruffins that much as it was overly sweet for my liking but Daddy E thought it great. He had like 2 of them throughout the day.  Honestly, I can’t wait for the Sydney store to open so I can get my hands on more plain croissants and try the almond one which we missed in Melbourne.


Thanks for reading



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