Travelgirl Is Getting Ready to Move Soon ….

Hi Everyone,

We are about to move to a new place. I have already started packing a few weeks ago and have been doing it bit by bit but the day of the actual move is coming near, I am not sure if we could make it. We have been here at the current place for 6 years so you can imagine the stuff we have accumulated. I am at a point that we have used up all our cardboard boxes and I had to buy another 15 of them from Bunnings (Aussie hardware store).

I have also found that we just have too many soft toys and clothes to put into boxes so I ended up buying a lot of the Asian tough bags so I can dump everything in there. We bought 6 from eBay which worked out to be $6.50 each but we saw a new batch of stock came at The Reject Shop for $3.50 so we bought another 8. Even if we don’t end up using them, we can keep them for the next move.


The one thing that is bothering me now is how we will transport our Lego. For the time being, I have put the lego in a box for fragile stuff and move them slowly over to the new place. I don’t want to disassemble them, it is not even an option. We also converted a room to a storage room so we can move the boxes ready for the move into 1 place. It makes everything neat but also a bit safer for everyone to walk around the house. Anyone have good tips for an easy move? We have moved for ages so I need some clever ideas/hacks to make my life a little easier for the move.


Thanks for reading


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