Travelgirl’s Food Sharing – Myung Jang BBQ @ Chatswood, Australia

Hi Everyone,

Finally the new Korean BBQ restaurant opened at the Interchange at Chatswood recently. So after soccer comp, we decided to go and try it out as the kids will be starving from a morning of sports. We got there just before noon and the restaurant as already half full. I think as it is a new place restaurant plus situated on the corner of the centre, people didn’t realise it has opened but none the less, we were shown to a very spacious table. The natural light coming from the big window really brighten the place up.

We were first given a menu and also an iPad to order our food. The menu has great photos of the food available so the kids flicked through the menu to see what they want to eat. Unfortunately, the lunch special isn’t available on the weekends so we ordered a Set B meal from the Special BBQ set as the kids wanted the egg stew and seafood pancake and the adults wanted the BBQ meat. We also ordered a half serve fried chicken with our meal. Lots of food we know but after sports, the kids can eat more than usual.

We were first given some complimentary starters. Not just the usual Korean side dishes you get but great starters like sashimi, dumplings, various salads. Very generous but I guess that is a way to attract people coming back again. These starters are already pretty decent size so we can’t wait to see how big the other dishes would be. We were also given a full tray of different types of lettuce and sauces for our BBQ meat. The best part of the BBQ meal are the wraps and sauces and this place really present it nicely.

First comes the steam egg, seafood pancake and beef tartare from the set meal. The kids started to dig in and they loved it. The soupy part of the egg they love a lot, would be perfect if they had rice with it but they didn’t want any. The beef tartare was very fresh, the sauce they mixed it with was a little citrus for my liking. My kids didn’t like the seafood pancake as they said it doesn’t taste like the other place we normally order from but I loved it. Lots of seafood and chives, not too much flour and the sauce was just perfect. Came out nice and hot which was great for a winter day.

Here comes the BBQ meat. Lots of different meat and we all loved it, who doesn’t love BBQ meat! Put the meat in a lettuce wrap, add sauce to it and stuff it in your mouth …. the greatest taste! The meat has been marinated so even without sauce, it was pretty tasty. The rest of the food like the hotpot and chicken came last. Both very nicely done but we were already very full. Chicken was boneless so we don’t have to worry about the bones and just let the kids munch on it without worrying about it. We were very impressed with the food. Service was great in particular the way they tried to make sure our hotpot less chilli so the kids can eat it with us. We will defiantly be back in particular want to try their lunch special as it looked like very good value.


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