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Shirokujichu (Chain Restaurant) @ Japan

Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to take you to an awesome restaurant we found around 30mins drive from Uji. Its a chain store in Japan called Shirokujichu. If you have visited Japan before, in most shopping centres, you get a variety of restaurants to eat at and know they are of good quality as these areas are normally popular. We find that the food in the countryside not only is cheaper, but sometimes the quality is better than what you can get in the main cities.


We were drawn in by the large variety of options displayed outside the restaurant. There is literally alot of options especially for the kids so we decided to give it a try.



The menu actually had a lot more to choose from but we had our heart set on the sets we have chosen from the display. But let me show you some of the menu

IMG_7966IMG_7965IMG_7960IMG_7957IMG_7955IMG_7954IMG_7950IMG_7948IMG_7947IMG_7943 3

The waitress left us with a new bottle of tea powder


As we had the kids, they brought out a basket for them to choose a toy each. Love their attention to details.

IMG_7967 2

Here comes our meal. Check out the kids meal! Pretty awesome right?


Now for my meal – it can’t fit on a tray it came out in two parts.


The restaurant is very spacious mainly I think we are in the countryside so space was not a big issue.


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Oliver Brown Cafe @ Sydney, Australia

Hi Everyone,

Today is super cold in Sydney so thought I’ll go to get some lunch and a nice hot chocolate to keep warm. The place I want to show you today is called Oliver Brown which serves some really nice hot chocolates and other desserts. They also offer a nice food menu so we I had a quick lunch here today.


Let us check out their menu first


Here comes my hot chocolate


My eggs on toast with a kids meal


Normally they have a free coffee deal if you purchase a main meal but unfortunately this month they have stopped this promotion until next month. I guess many people come in for coffees due to the cold weather so they want to maximise their profits for the month.

Overall it’s a great cafe to have a quick lunch at reasonable prices.




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Viking Lupinus Restaurant (For Breakfast) @ Hamamatsu, Japan

Hi Everyone,

So my last review showed you the dinner buffet offered at Viking Lupinus Restaurant @ Hamamatsu, today I will show you what they offer at breakfast. The breakfast they offered was one of the best ones we’ve had during our entire trip. The variety of food was just insane to be honest. To actually try every single dish there may take more than 2 days. They offer a range of Western and Japanese style breakfast so there is always something for everyone.

Here are the traditional Western breakfast options.


Here are some of the Japanese style breakfast



I love the congee with all the condiments and fish roe.


Unlimited udon


Large selection of bread & spreads

IMG_7943 2IMG_8757

Fresh french toasts and Japanese egg


Cereals, fruit and unlimited drinks again for breakfast!



The hotel sure knows how to look after their customers.

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Viking Lupinus Restaurant (For Dinner) @ Hamamatsu, Japan

Hi Everyone,

So after a tour around Hotel Wellseason Hamanako @ Hamamatsu, Japan, let’s check out the buffets I’ve mentioned previously. Our package included the breakfast and dinner buffets and just like our first visit, it was sooooo good! I’ll break this part into breakfast and dinner section as there are so much to share.

So let’s check out the dinner buffet. Prior to our arrival, the hotel asked which seating we prefer. Either 5pm or 7pm so we opt for the latter option – 7pm. By the time we arrived, the restaurant was cleared up for us. We were lead to our seats and was given a “Dinner Map” – special dishes to look out for that night.


Let’s have a look at what they have! First up my favourite sashimi & snow crab …. unlimited!!!

IMG_8672IMG_2998IMG_6070 2

There were also a lot of hot dishes to choose from.

IMG_4581 2IMG_4616IMG_6429

Soba & salads


Soups and rice


The stations where the chef will cook fresh food for you. We had the best Unagi there. Yummmmmm


Lots of dessert options. As we were there during Christmas, they even made some special Christmas desserts


You get unlimited drinks with your meals. Lots of options here also.



Check out one of my plates!


If you do decide to stay at this onsen hotel, I highly recommend you book the buffet as well so you can enjoy all the food they offer to their guests.


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拉麺しるし @ Hamamatsu, Japan

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to take you to a small ramen place we found inside Don Quijote store in a country town near Hamamatsu called 拉麺しるし. We were staying at an onsen resort (will share this in another blog) and decided to go out and get some simple things for our stay.

As we were there during winter, a bowl of hot ramen was perfect for lunch.

The outside of the store was very nicely decorated with paintings of ramens. We can already smell the ramen from the outside! Yummm


Just like in anime and Japanese tv shows, many ramen stores have a vending machine for you to buy tickets in exchange for the food you want. It can be daunting for someone who doesn’t know Japanese but if you take a minute or two to match up the words/characters from the menu to the buttons, you can easily buy your meal tickets. Some shops will have numbers associated with the meal you want which can make things a lot easier.


Also a note, some machines have options for additional toppings like shallots, bamboo shoots, additional eggs. There are options also like extra noodles and which is usually a must for us because we are big eaters.

We ordered two ramen both with extra noodles and a serve of goyza.

IMG_2295 2IMG_0623IMG_8989


For such a cold day, the two large bowls of ramen were perfect for us. I am really impressed even in such a small town with little shops, you can still find some nice food at a very reasonable price.


Address: 431-3125 静岡県浜松市東区半田山5-36-1

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Rilakkuma Sabo @ Arashiyama, Japan (Part 2)

Hi Everyone,

In my last blog, I have taken you to the gift side of the Rilakkuma Sabo store at Arashiyama, Japan. Today, I will take you to the food side of the store.

First of all, you will always see a crowd outside the store. The reason why is everyone is there ordering or waiting for their ice cream and we are one of them. Look how cool it looks! Even though we went there during winter, we had to get an ice cream. yummmoooooo

IMG_5332 2

Inside the store, you can get many pre-packaged foods and they all look so nice! There are a lot of sweets and biscuits for people to buy for souvenirs.


There are also a range of honey and sauces but were too heavy to buy to take home.


Also, something to take note is there is a place where you can stamp your guide where you can collect different stamps in the area.


At the back of the store, there is a small area for people to enjoy their desserts of ice cream. It is nicely decorated and the area looked really peaceful for such a busy store.


If you decide not to buy anything from the store, do try their desserts as not only it was really delicious, it was also nicely delivered to us which was great for photos to share with friends and family.

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Umi Sushi Restaurant @ Sydney, Australia

Hi Everyone,

Today we had a really good day out at Darling Harbour in Sydney enjoying the nice sunny weather. We went a nice Japanese Restaurant which I would like to share today. There are a couple of branches for Umi Sushi and today we visited the one at Darling Quarter.


Even though the weather was quite cold we sat outside as they had the heaters on for us. The menu was quite extensive with nice pictures showing what you are ordering.


In particular, I really like the kid’s menu as they really do try to make the food look appealing so the little ones will eat it.


Here is the food! First up are the kid’s meals. They even got some cute sushi lollipops.

The adults ordered bento boxes which come with rice and miso soup.

The lunch prices were quite reasonable considering the area we are in so if you are visiting Darling Harbour, do consider having a meal at Umi Sushi.


Add: Shop TR 10, 1-25 Harbour Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (in btw IMAX & Chinese Garden)

T: 02 9283 2006

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Renge Chaya (蓮華茶屋) @ Uji, Japan

Hi Everyone,

After taking you all around the shopping area of Uji, lits time to have some lunch!


We have chosen a place that specialise in green tea soba. On a cold winter day, we decided it was the best thing to have. The restaurant is near the entrance to the Byodoin entrance which can be easily located. There were lots of seating when we arrived and the restaurant was very nice and warm inside.


Let’s check out the menu first. Although the menu is in Japanese, there were clear pictures of what each set consist so you can easily order your meals. The price of the sets was also very reasonable considering it is situated at a popular destination.

IMG_8501IMG_3116IMG_3146IMG_4684IMG_5482 2IMG_1707IMG_7281

Here are our meals! Everything was presented really beautifully. Although mainly sell soba noodles, they do also have rice options.


We had a wonderful meal here. Like most Japanese restaurants, they also have some plastic displays outside.


If you are in the area, do consider trying out this restaurant as you won’t be disappointed.



Address: Japan, Kyoto Prefecture, Uji, Renge−23-1
Phone: +81 774-23-0666
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Itohkyuemon @ Uji, Japan

Hi Everyone!

Today I will be taking you to the most famous tea shop on Byodoin Omotesando at Uji called Itohkyuemon (伊藤久右衛門).


Once you are at Byodoin Omotesando, you will see many people holding bags from this shop as they are known to be tourist friendly (tax free & great service), great variety of tea and sweets and also have a nice alcohol range at the store.


Let me take you around to see what tea they offer. If you are a tea lover, you will want to buy everything from the store.

IMG_1375IMG_0093IMG_0876IMG_3105IMG_5590IMG_5854 2IMG_6800IMG_9371IMG_8132IMG_9542

This one is a tea which can be served hot or cold – I got a few packets of these for gifts


There are also gifts which needs refrigeration. They are able to organise a cooler bag for you so it stays fresh while you shop around the area



Look at these green tea flavoured cakes and fruit coated in green tea chocolate – yum yum!


There are many green tea desserts

IMG_7251 2IMG_9685IMG_7349


If you don’t like to buy any tea leaves, there are also gift sets you can purchase


Do drop by and visit this store if you visit Uji – be prepared to spend some money here because they are a great choice as souviners from Japan.


Have you noticed today is the 100th episode of my ‘Traveling Around The World’ series? Do check back tomorrow for my special post to celebrate this special milestone!


Address:19-3 Todouaramaki Uji City Kyoto Prefecture 611-0013

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Traveling around Uji, Japan (Part 2)

Hi Everyone,

Continuing on from the last blog, if you are a tea lover, you definitely need to come to Uji in particular, Byodoin Omotesando.

uji 2

There are many tea stores, dessert stores, restaurants all sell items linked to green tea. Its  like a green tea wonderland! As you walk along the main shopping trip, do check out some the stores in particular – a famous tea shop called Itohkyuemon (伊藤久右衛門). It is by far the most popular and had the largest variety on the strip. I will take you for a visit in another blog.

At Byodoin Omotesando, not only you see a line of shops and restaurants, it is also the way to the famous Byodoin (will share in future posts)

byodo inbyodoin1byodoin3

Also the strip has the famous Starbuck branch (will share in future posts)


This is the large Tori gate where it leads you to Byodoin Omotesando


When you are walking around and about, do look for some cute statues or signages.


While I was shopping and browsing around, my other half decided to get a box of green tea dessert. Nicely packaged and the dessert itself was very green teay (is there such a word? haha)

IMG_4823 2IMG_8517

In my next blog, I will take you to Itohkyuemon (伊藤久右衛門).