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Traveling around Uji, Japan (Part 1)

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I love Japanese green tea. Uji is famous for the green tea they produce in the country. When we arrived, the first thing you see is the number of shops that sell tea and food items made in green tea flavour. Our first stop is to visit the main shopping strip of Uji – ie the strip to get tea and souvenirs.

I need to split this series into 2 parts as there is too just much to share.

This is the closest JR station to get to Uji. We drove so parking was also very easy around the area


Here are some of the shops on the main shopping strips


We visited numerous shops and this one we bought a snack from as they were just making a new batch for their customers. They even have the process for customers to understand how the desserts are made.


There are many things to buy so tomorrow I’ll so you some a really nice and famous gift shop to buy souvenirs.

Here are some of the cool stuff we saw around the area.


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Hakusuien Restaurant @ Shirakawa-go, Japan

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to share a really nice restaurant we visited during our day out at Shirakawa-go. I have previously shared my experience at earlier this year and it was definitely a place to visit if you are visiting Japan.

After a long day of walking around and sightseeing, we decided to find something nice and warm to eat. We ended up choosing to eat at Hakusuien because they had noodles for the kids and some nice Hida beef for the adults.



They knew very little English but luckily had an English menu along with some photos of the meals. Lets have a look at their menu first


We ordered 2 set meals & an udon for the kids to share. The prices were definitely higher than what we paid in town but for a tourist destination, it was not too bad.

The waitress was very kind and gave us some tea straight away as it was very cold outside.


The restaurant was actually very neat. You can choose to sit on the floor or at the table but as we had kids, its best to sit at a table.


Here are our meals! Look at the beef!

IMG_7524IMG_1942IMG_4951IMG_3654Plain udon for the kids



Some photos of the restaurant.


It was definitely a great meal especially right in the middle of the UNESCO site.

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Okoshi-Daiko Restaurant @ Hida, Japan

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Its been awhile I’ve shared some food posts so I thought I’ll share an impressive meal we had at Hida in Japan.


Okoshi Daiko

As the town was not very big, we had a bit of trouble looking for a restaurant where it was open on the day (its low season so the town was a bit quiet), had a simple English menu and most importantly, kids friendly.

We went to a few restaurants but with my minimal Japanese, they advised that either they are closed for lunch, no seating suitable for kids or their menu does not come in English/ does not have any pictures. Finally, we found Restaurant Okoshi-Daiko which was recommended by one of the local restaurant owners.


The restaurant was part of a hotel and the workers there could speak simple English. They gave us an English menu to make sure the food they offer suits us. It was perfect!


We waited a few minutes for them to prepare our table and was then lead to a nice room. Yes, our own private room for lunch. Apparently, everyone gets their own private room so they can enjoy their lunch in privacy. The room was so spacious our boys had some room to move around.


We ended ordering 3 sets – 2 of the adults and 1 for the kids to share.


The food was very well presented. We could tell we were very full from our meals.

IMG_2110IMG_4928 2IMG_5624IMG_9137IMG_8370

The restaurant was also very well decorated.

IMG_1519 2IMG_9554IMG_6023IMG_3943IMG_2266IMG_4641

If you are traveling to Hida area, this restaurant is highly recommended for non-Japanese speaking travelers.



AddressJapan, 〒509-4225 Gifu Prefecture, Hida, Furukawacho Kanamoricho, 10−27

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The Poke Bowl – Tuna & Salmon on Rice

Hi Everyone!

Another dish I really enjoyed during this trip to Fiji was the Poke Bowl . One of the restaurants we went to had a really good Poke bowl, it was so yummy I had it like 4 times already! We had one of the best Poke bowls in Hawaii (have shared this on Steemit before) so to be able to have something similar quality here was a surprise.



The Poke bowl here in Fiji is made from tuna and salmon fish on a bed of sushi rice. They gave us a large chunk of wasabi (too much in my opinion it just goes to waste), some ginger and lime. The sauce they made with the fish was just devine! The price of this dish: approximately $18AUD.

I guess another reason to come back to Fiji soon!

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Local Fijian Dish – Kokoda (raw fish salad)

Hi Everyone!

I’m currently in Fiji which is my second visit but what I really loved from my first visit was a local dish called Kokoda. It is a raw fish salad with coconut juice, onions, tomatoes and other veggies. This time, I made sure to have it more often as I haven’t seen it around Sydney at all.


There is no set fish and is just decided on what it will be depending on what is caught locally (usually mahi-mahi or snappers at the resorts sashimi/raw grade). I love the balance of the fish, veggies and coconut juice!

Although it is considered raw, it is actually marinated in citrus juice for a few hours so the flavour of limes and lemon will be soaked into the fish.

If you ever visit Fiji, do order one of these as an entree! If you are a sashimi fan like I am, you should like this dish as well!


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Welcome to my blog!

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A little bit about myself first!

I am based in Australia and have been traveling around the world since I finished university. I was very fortunate to be able to travel to so many countries which I have actually lost count how many cities I’ve been to.


I am a Steemit blogger, Dlive streamer & vlogger so I have decided to start my own official blog to share more on my travel experiences, photos and whatever I find interesting. If you are a follower of Steemit, be sure to check back to this blog as I will share many more things which I haven’t or won’t be sharing on that platform as this will be my main blogging place.

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